We are SandCup

Elevating human experience by innovating designs for next generations

Propelled by strategic thinkers, innovative designers, bold creatives, compassionate storytellers, and visionary technologists! SandCup is all set to make the difference we all want to see in the world.

SandCup strives for design transformations and manufacturing synergy, using each team member's individual skills and own unique perspective on design and collaborating to achieve exceptional results.

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With strategy to shape the future with meaningful products and services, SandCup brings clarity to complex intricacies and uncovers new opportunities to develop a design ecosystem that makes you stand out. Leveraging technology and interactive design to create human-centric products and services on an evolving canvas.

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We are SandCup

Our belief & valuesCreating excellence, shifting perceptions and driving growth!

  • Design together

    Nurturing, learning, and working long-term with a collaborative partnership and progressive businesses.

  • Design to share

    Striving for every product and system we launch to be considered and measured by its impact on businesses, people and society.

  • Technology ignite us

    Testing and harnessing emerging technologies as a tool for business's growth and a source of honest human values.

  • Empathy grounds us

    Actively listening to the voices of our clients, their end-users and the wider ecosystem and connect the dots between them.

  • Pursuing risk

    Embracing imagination, experimentation and risk as paths towards remarkable opportunities and uncharted possibilities.

  • The present, our playground

    Endlessly exploring, continuously learning, understanding methods and business models to keep up to the trends.

  • The future, our ambition

    Channeling ongoing iteration to pave an optimized path towards shared success, as well creating a deep vision for a long and meaningful run.

Our Design process

We start with "What if?" which becomes, "Wouldn't it be good if?". Lastly, it all draws down to "Now that's great!". Our ideas take shape in every form and medium to express the exact message that we want to convey. We got you! You want something insanely appealing to increase your online presence and bring in new talent. So for that our process begins with

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