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Head and Heart of the brave brands we make.

SandCup believes in the power of two: Of thinking left and making right. Of strategy and design. From Head and Heart. For People and Planet. By Us and You.
Meet our squad that is obsessed with digital innovation and creating magical user experiences. We are smart, we’re agile, and we’re result oriented.

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We are SandCup

These are the bunch of misfits who are obsessed with creation. They keep tinkering and fixing things that aren’t broken. They keep creating stuff that breaks the perceptions of creativity. They don’t do it for fame or success. They do it because that’s all they crave to do.

Bina Design Tribe
Damini Design Tribe
Riddhi Design Tribe
Jenil Creative Writer
Mihir Design Tribe
Shivani Front-end warrior
Rushab Creative People Officer
Pushti Design Tribe
Drashya Design Tribe
Saumitra Design Tribe
Nabarun Design Tribe
Debopriya Creative Writer
Chinmay Design Tribe
Shalaka Front-end warrior
Anu Creative Artist
Madhavi Front-end warrior
Riddhi Creative Artist
Tiyasha Creative Artist


Vanya Design Tribe
Vaibhav Design Tribe
Nirzari Content Writer
Chirag Front End Developer
Riddhi Design Tribe
Jay Creative Digital Artist
Dharmanyu Design Tribe
Ronak Office Buddy
Dipesh Business Catalyst
Urvashi Design Tribe
Priyanshi Design Tribe
Deepak Design Tribe
Praveen Design Tribe
Vanshika Digital Hawker
Milan Front End Developer
Ruby Creative People Officer
Nickey Design Tribe
Disha Design Tribe
Madhulika Creative Artist
Mansi Design Tribe
Minal Creative Writer
Vikram Design Tribe
Manish Design Tribe
Disha Design Tribe

Sand's speak

Coming to a different city and surviving is not easy, unless you have a team like SandCup. Working with these amazing human beings has made me realize how beautiful a work culture can be. I have grown immensely as an individual and as a professional with team SandCup.

RushabCreative People Officer

SandCup has given me more than what I had imagined from a workplace. It’s a family away from family, it’s a home away from home. I had never seen such an inclusive work culture and a supportive environment. SandCup is a gem that I’ll always keep close to my heart.

RubyCreative People Officer

Working with SandCup has been the best phase of my life. The amount of learning and growth I have achieved is incredible. SandCup family has majorly contributed to my professional and personal wellbeing that has helped me create best of my works.

JenilCreative Writer

SandCup is more home to me than a workplace. The firm became my support system in one year. My skills are being polished here to help me be the best version of myself. I feel blessed to be a part of this venture

UrvashiDigital Product Designer

SandCup’s caliber speaks for itself. As a lead designer, I have had the opportunity of working with some of the finest minds to create some of the greatest designs. I am truly proud to be a part of this family that keeps on elevating everyone around it.

BinaLead - Digital Product Designer

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