The Dog That Dribbbled

Design Culture March 21,2023. 3 Min Read

By. Debopriya Bhattacharya

When the Football World Cup was on, I came across a video of a dog playing football with people on the beaches of Brazil. I wasn’t surprised, after all the culture of football in Brazil is so rich that even dogs excel in it. It made me wonder about the influence of culture and how it can have a generational impact.

Who takes on the responsibility of creating a cultural shift? When we were young, our parents would come back from work and check if we had memorized the table of 12. However, I can’t recall a day when my parents would inquire if I had created a new sketch that day.

Culture begins at home. The cultural conditioning at our homes to excel in science and math has eventually led to India becoming a global tech hub. Several eminent tech companies are led and run by Indian talents.

What about design then? Countries like the USA, UK, Sweden, Canada, etc. are dominating the domain of design due to a multitude of factors, that need addressing in our country. But let’s consider two of the major factors, shall we?

Design Feasibility

Several generations of India have not had the luxury of pursuing design as a full-fledged career. For years, making a career (and money) out of design was not a viable option. UI-UX Design and Graphic Design are relatively new fields in India. User experience is the key to business excellence, but businesses are not yet aware of its potential. Until that happens, sustaining as a designer is going to be a challenge.

Design Education

Design education is in an evolving state in India. There are institutions whose first graduated batches are not out yet and some are struggling to craft a curriculum. There are premier colleges but the fee that they demand are exorbitant. Design enthusiasts are failing to find a middle ground that provides quality and affordability.

The roadblocks to an ideal design culture in the country are at the grassroots of education and awareness. The way to overcome them is to create a community of designers who can educate and uplift the next generation of designers to create a design culture that is unique to our country.

Designers are problem solvers, right? But who solves Designers' problems?

It's time designers took the matter into their own hands and solve their own problems. Unless designers collaborate and help their fellow designers out, we will have to depend on others for the realization of our talents.

The Design Community should be self-sufficient and self-driven. This thought was at the core when
SandCup Design Studio came forth with the idea of Sandskriti to provide designers an open forum to voice their thoughts. A community for designers, crafted by designers. A name that stands for the culture of creation. A haven where everyone is equal, and everyone has a voice. An open space to celebrate the diversity in the strength of designers’ community.

Sandskriti as a design community is dedicated to solving the problems of the designers of today and tomorrow. The presence of like-minded designers in Sandskriti provides an outlet for fellow designers to share their thoughts and resolve their queries. Moreover, young and upcoming designers now have an opportunity to stay in touch with industry experts and get the right direction and perspective to elevate their skills.

Sandskriti is not just a design community. It is a collective of creatives who are willing to walk the extra mile for the betterment of people at large. From spreading smiles at old age homes to crafting the design curriculum for future designers, we have impacted people across generations.

Sandskriti has collaborated with Gujarat University to craft and execute a 4 year design program. Designers at Sandskriti are available for design enthusiasts seeking help and mentorship. As a community, we often make visits to elder care homes and beautify them with graffiti and wall art. All our efforts are to see people smile with joy. Sandskriti is already doing its bit for the community and our doors are open for you to join us on this journey.

The wheels are in motion, we want to run free like the first breeze of spring and bring happiness to everyone’s faces. We want to create a design culture that uplifts the entire design clan.

So that when we come back home from work, we would ask our children to show what they had painted.

We know there's still a lot of scope of improvement in our studio. With SAND SAGA, we want you to join us in the journey of designing the correct creative culture and building a safe and nurturing space for the entire creative community.

Come, let's create the uncreated.

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