Why is this Digital Design Studio breaking the Corporate Culture?

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Design Culture May 25 . 3 Min Read

By. Jenil Chavda

The year is 1913. Henry Ford has already transformed the automobile industry from a luxury-only space to an affordable mode of transport for everyone. His revolutionary Model T, that was launched 5 years ago, is an enormous success.

But Ford is a man of future. "What’s next?" is the question he’s obsessed with. And this obsession leads to perhaps the greatest invention in processed manufacturing- The Assembly Line. A rotating conveyor belt that keeps moving like a supreme deity as men and women sprint around it to achieve mass manufacturing.

Cut to 2022. Model T is obsolete but 'the process' is still the Lord of corporates. A point-to-point workflow with binary (yes-or-no) conditions is still running the organizations. But in knowing yes or no of tasks, we miss out on the how's and why's of it. Employees forget why in the first place they joined the organization, and become slaves of 'the process'.

Don't get mistaken; the process is essential and efficient processes must be followed. But, in obeying orthodox processes to tackle modern challenges, team members get squashed between creativity and protocols.

Not at SandCup Digital Design Studio, though. Our people oriented approach begins with caring about how a task is carried out.

Did we learn something new while developing this UI UX Design? Did we enjoy crafting our visual design? Was there a way we could have done it better? Would Beyoncé like it? These questions matter way more to us than just doing a tick in the box.

We care for digital customer experience; but we care more for real team members' experience.

We also don't have a concept of juniors and seniors. We are all CEOs of SandCup and everyone gives their opinions on things we do. Including what food to order for an impromptu party. In fact, especially for that. All of our important decisions are also taken as a collective.

Did we mention we also have flexible working hours? Some of us are late night owls while some are morning alarms for roosters. We all come to office at our own convenience, do our digital design work, help whoever needs help with their strategies, listen to some chic music, and go back home.

We probably shouldn't be telling you this, but we have some crazy characters at our studio. Which means we also have a truckload of interesting stories that keep happening every now and then.

"Why are we not sharing our amazing stories and culture with the world?" When Jay, our youngest team member asked this, we had no answers! And that is the origin story of SAND SAGA.

We know there's still a lot of scope of improvement in our studio. With SAND SAGA, we want you to join us in the journey of designing the correct creative culture and building a safe and nurturing space for the entire creative community.

Come, let's create the uncreated.

About SandCup:
Creating an exceptional digital design is our morning routine. Do you expect your visuals to sweep your users off their feet? Do you want your UI UX design to make an everlasting impact? SandCup is the fuel you need to convert your spark into a sustaining fire.

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UI UX Design, Visual Design, CX Design, Business Experience, Design Consulting, Industrial Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Content Strategy, Startup Mentorship, Brand Strategy, Brand Building, Visual Communication, and Communication Design.

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