Meetup 2.1: Designers, Developers and Beyond

Design Culture Dec 23, 2023. 3 Min Read

By. Debopriya Bhattacharya

Designer Meetup 2.1

Creativity can manifest itself in many forms and we are big-time believers of this fact. Every individual regardless of their background comes with unique abilities and perspectives that can bring disruptive changes to the way things work and create a difference in this world.

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Making Way for Collaboration to Make This World a Better Place

All the beautiful creations in this world result from pure and effortful collaborations. However, collaboration is facilitated only with close understanding and empathy.

To serve the purpose of bringing together the world of creatives in one place, we planned to do something different.

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Designer's Meetup 2.1 for UI/UX Designers and Developers, Saturday, 23 December, 2023, Ahmedabad Organized by Sandskriti Design Community

Designers, Developers, and Beyond

This time it is about the beautiful amalgamation of hues, shapes, and spaces with codes that bring out captivating masterpieces and mesmerizing stories.

We are embarking on a new journey with Designers’ Meetup 2.1, to build and nurture a culture that facilitates collaboration in the design and tech world with effective dialogues and brain-blazing discussions.

These two are the pillars of a future that takes worldly problems head-on and provides solutions to present-day challenges, but the only catch is mutual understanding.

Mavericks not Maestros: Meet Our Expert Speakers

To inspire and seed a future that blooms with cooperation, we have shaken our hands with those who have solved the complexities of the design and tech world with out-worldly perspectives.

It is a story of racism woven in the narrative texture of horror- a fitting representation of the life of minority communities of the world. A story like this might become difficult for AI to generate since it is very deeply embedded in human experiences.

Designers' Meetup 2.1 - A meeting with design experts to learn from their experiences | Sandskriti Design Community

Blazing Minds through Expert Guidance: Mayur Karodia

A National Award Winner, a seasoned design expert, a UX design mentor at Dropout Academy and an ex-Ted speaker, Mayur Karodia, one of our Chief Speakers, has guided thousands of young creative heads and chiseled out their imagination to solve problems with their designs. Meet him at the Designer Meetup 2.1 to explore the design world with new perspectives.

Creating Thought-Evoking Designs and Capturing Life: Abhiraj Solanki

An immensely talented designer and Vice President Award Winner, Abhiraj Solanki is our other keynote speaker. Abhiraj drives an 80k-strong community on Instagram. When he is not designing, he still designs with his camera capturing life around him.

Want to know him better?

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Abhiraj solanki - Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India |

Designing Interactive Worlds with Perfection: Kalpesh Purohit

Kalpesh Purohit with his deep creative and technical understanding, has created a significant impact on the gaming world. As a co-founder of GameAnax and Polymator, he has delivered many successful gaming pursuits. With 22 years of experience in animation and mobile gaming Kalpesh has made people create their own realities with his interactive games. He might help you clear the helicopter mission in Gta Vice City.

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Jigar Panchal - Director, Global Sales at IndiaNIC | The Org

Empowering Designs with Business Understanding: Jigar Panchal

Jigar Panchal, President of Global Marketing and Sales at IndiaNIC, combines his design prowess with business understanding to ensure aesthetic excellence blended with cost-effectiveness. With 25 years of experience, he is an innovator who empowers design with practical business strategies.

Get a chance to learn from him at the Designers’ Meetup 2.1.

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What’s in it for You

Learn and Get Inspired by the Experiences of Various Industry Experts

Inspiring Experiences

Meet like Minds Who are on a Similar Journey to Find their Creative Flair

Networking Opportunities

Get Guidance from Expert Professionals to Drive Your Career Forward

Expert Guidance

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It Doesn’t End Here

Designers Meetup 2.1, Bogota Cafe Ahmedabad, 23 December

Networking Nexus

Connect with fellow designers, artists or creators who are on a journey to change the world with their artistic expressions. Exchange meaningful ideas and collaborate to create new possibilities.

Partying is Never a Bad Idea

Dancing your heart out with such energetic individuals is always fun.

Designers Meetup 2.1, Bogota Cafe Ahmedabad, 23 December

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Bogota - Pop culture community, Sardar Patel Ring Rd, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059

Party Starts at 3PM this Saturday 23rd December, 2023.

venue location, Bagota Cafe Ahmedabad

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venue location, Bagota Cafe Ahmedabad

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