The Human Rangers-Designing Rangolis and Dreams

Design Culture May 25 . 3 Min Read

By. Jenil Chavda

It was a bright day; perhaps a bit too hot for 9:00 am. Or maybe it was just me sweating due to the anxiety of going to a new place, meeting new people. As the numbers on the red light approached zero, my heart beats peaked.

At the blink of the light going green, I accelerated my activa like an airbus taking off, and landed straight into the parking of my new office. Hastily took out my phone, and called the only person I knew there. THE HR, my companion even before my journey began at the organisation.

In MBA, when we were asked to choose a stream for master’s, the choice was somehow quite obvious. The ambitious ones would hop on to finance and the less courageous would slumber in HR, after all it’s the easiest right?

HELL NOOO! Have you never met a human? We are the most difficult species to manage. Pets are easy, kids easier, but us, grown homo sapiens are the toughest of all. Even coming out of a black hole and making a round chapati is manageable. But managing humans? That would take a braveheart. Or an HR.

We all have a different mindset, upbringing, and lifestyle. Heck, we can’t even agree on the flavour of pizza we want. And yet, the HRs take care of everything; managing our tantrums like a new boyfriend.

You’d often find them hustling, taking calls, and running around with a sling bag on one shoulder and the entire office’s responsibility on the other. It’s amazing how dedicatedly they are always planning something for us, or getting us something, or maybe interviewing, or just seeing if we are doing our job (or not!).

They carry the happiest smile in the office no matter what. Their patience is the highest. They will bear all our illogical questions, without laughing at our stupidity. Sometimes I wonder if they are really that patient or do they just wait for us to leave and then laugh their hearts out.

HRs are definitely the most honest folks in any organisation. They are the only people who would ACTUALLY get back to you after saying ‘Let me get back to you’. Like the stars in the T.V. industry, HRs hold the flag to keep us entertained in our workplace. They plan and execute activities that keep us physically active and mentally sane. Remember, anyone who makes you stand up from your desk at your workplace is doing God’s work.

Their job is to not only keep the employees happy and motivated, but the bridge that they are, helps establish the balance between both the sides of the company; the management and the workforce. HRs are those family members who take care, pamper and also prevent you from straying into “bad company”.

They are simply the driving force that keep the organisation together. They see to our well-being and make sure we are comfortable and at the same time push our comfort zone. Imagine one person playing so many roles. A listener, negotiator, motivator, entertainer, appreciator, advisor, messenger and every adjective with an er at the end.

Multi taskers have always been appreciated but what do you call a person who wears more than one hat and that too not at a birthday party. A superhuman! That's who an HR person is - The most Humane Ranger.

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