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PaynShip Global have been enabling cross border trades for more than 10 years. Having developed several award-winning online ecommerce cross-border platforms that operate globally, PaynShip has made a remarkable impact in enabling online stores to expand their audience to the entire globe. Working with them to create their brand identity was a riveting endeavor.

Sell faster. Sell global.

PaynShip Global have made cross border trade easy, accessible, and affordable. They have revolutionized global payments and shipments, and have truly made the world connected in a meaningful way.

SandCup began the brand identity creation of PaynShip with in depth research on user profiles that deal with global payment infrastructures. We ideated an agile and interactive UX strategy that would help users get a true sense of Pay n Ship's awesomeness.

Solution Right from the logo to the final responsive design, every step was ideated and designed in synergy with each other. Every element complementing the other and contributing towards creating a strong brand recall.

“SandCup brought a breath of fresh air to our brand identity. We were looking to recreate our complete digital presence and SandCup delivered amazingly well on that.”

Casey Armstrong

— CEO at Pay & Ship Global

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