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Yofo is a game changer of FinTech industry. It enables you to combine all your debit, credit, and loyalty cards into one “Super Card”. With unique features like “Rewind the time”, “Non-rejection mode”, and “Tag the Transaction”, they have modernized digital payments to the core.

Challenge SandCup was in charge of creating a design strategy that oozes of Yofo’s modernity. Yofo being a new concept, the key challenge was to give it a contemporary look and create a design that bodes well with the tech-savvy generation; without losing out on the meaning we want to convey. The corresponding development and responsive design would also have to be sophisticated and yet easy to navigate and understand.

A design that showcases proficiency and innovation; and a user experience.

The SandCup Solution

We embarked to design a user experience that speaks of Yofo’s out-of-the-box solutions. It was aided by ideating a UI design that is chic and minimalist. The minimalism ensures that users have enough space to absorb a new concept and chicness gives it a hyper modern look.

Solution A neat typography that merges well with the design concept was adapted to give the website a clean and fresh appearance. Our solution ensures that it takes care of every user profile, and swiftly conveys all the amazing uniqueness of Yofo.
“ SandCup has been an extremely valuable partner in establishing the Yofo brand. We hugely admire their creative thought process and the ability to deliver what they promise.

Labeen Sagar


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